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Fairhaven Real Estate

Fairhaven, Massachusetts, is a delightful small town located just south of New Bedford. This hidden gem is worth discovering because of its rich history, downtown area, and stunning coastal views.

Fairhaven has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. The area was initially inhabited by the Wampanoag people, who lived off the land and sea. In the 17th century, English settlers arrived and established a small farming and fishing community. Over time, the town grew and prospered, becoming a center for shipbuilding and whaling.

The Fairhaven Historical Society Museum and the Millicent Library are two significant landmarks that showcase the town’s history. The museum is located in the historic Oxford School. It offers exhibits and artifacts covering the town’s early days to its role in the whaling industry. The Millicent Library is a beautiful Victorian-era building from 1893, donated by wealthy businessman and philanthropist Henry Huttleston Rogers.

Fort Phoenix State Reservation is a public park with stunning harbor and coastline views. It played a vital role in the American Revolution and is now a popular destination for outdoor recreation, including swimming and picnicking. Another landmark worth visiting is the Unitarian Memorial Church, a beautiful Gothic-style church built in 1904 with striking architecture and stained-glass windows.

Fairhaven is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of parks, beaches, and recreational areas to explore. Nasketucket Bay State Reservation is a 200-acre coastal park with hiking, biking trails, fishing, and birdwatching. The Reservation Golf Club offers 18 holes of championship golf with scenic views.

Fairhaven has many small businesses and shops, including antique stores, gift shops, restaurants, and cafes. Local eateries like Mike’s Restaurant, Margaret’s Restaurant, Elizabeth’s Restaurant, Off The Hook Bar and Grill, Riccardi’s, and Bocca are popular. Locally-owned boutiques such as Pen & Pendulum and The Bay and Willow offer unique gifts, home decor, handmade jewelry, and accessories.

In conclusion, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, is a charming destination with a rich history, natural landscapes, and a friendly community. Whether interested in exploring the town’s history, enjoying outdoor recreation, or shopping and dining at local businesses, Fairhaven has something for everyone. Take the chance to discover this hidden gem.